I was inspired to write after reading a small column in an English newspaper. The writer once went to Japan to visit a car company and she was given a copy of the company’s book. On the first page was the company’s motto: if a thing is not beautiful, it ought not to exist. I was so impressed when I read that. For some people it sounds cruel but I agree with the writer as we see it differently. We believe that the motto simply wants to encourage that company’s employees to always do their best and to take pride in what they do.

I was taught since I was in Senior High to do everything with my best. Doing my best didn’t mean that I would do it perfectly. I still resulted bad grades, undone homework and papers, even the last English test I was taken didn’t result as good as I expected. Above all, I have given my best effort. When I’ve performed my best, there’s less to be discontented with. Precisely I prefer to say: do it excellently rather than doing it perfectly.

As a student, doing something excellently applies to the whole subjects, assignments and any kind of tests. When I was a student I sometimes made excuse not to do it excellently as the result of lack of knowledge and laziness. The first reason might be excused but the second one might be not. But there’s one truthful fact: when we discipline ourselves and bring it into subjection to the spirit of excellent, we might be surprised to find out the new divine character and better mentality within us.

As the employee of the company, doing something excellently applies to the same areas like the students’ as well. When we write letters, do data-entry, make appointment, kindly help the customers (which are the students here) and another-“boring” assignments, we should do it excellently like we do something really important to change someone’s lives as it really does. A student’s success also depends on you, guys. You may never know how a simple thing means so much for someone. A friendly helping hand, a gently attention towards the students’ achievement, and an efficient way of work surely will improve not only the university’s performance but also being great blessing to the students we serve and moreover, it will certainly improve our own skill and competency.

However, many argue that when one is poorly paid, we can’t blame their performance. So if the students make excuse with their lack of knowledge, the employees make excuse with their never-enough-paid salary. That’s kind of mentality that Indonesians should fight for. I quote “the most famous excused” which says: we can’t expect to have, let’s say for example, a great Gucci bag quality with a kaki lima stall’s price. So what’s the matter with average performance, as I was not well paid then? In this case, as I believe, the appreciation equals to the performance, which is NOT on the other way.

When you do something not only for the company’s sake (or your parents’ if you are a student) but also for your self-satisfaction as well as taking take pride in a job well done, you will find something different. A new you have been established.

Question: why not make things perfect (read it as: excellent) if we can afford to? That’s something we still need to learn.


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