Scavenger Hunt – Saturday, November 12, 2005


Today I had scavenger hunt game with several friends.  Here’s the list:

Changsha PHOTO Treasure Hunt



                                    Photo Challenge:                                                Points:


1.       Entire team ON the statue in front of Walking Street                                               3000

2.      Entire team with a baby wearing split pants (one person holding it)                 4000

3.      Entire team spelling out  “ELIC” with your bodies in front of

4.      Entire team with a male/female with yellow hair                                                      4000

5.      Entire team with the funniest/silliest Chinglish sign                                                3000

6.      Entire team imitating the statues on walking street                                                 3000

7.      Draw a crowd of 30+ onlookers in Tong Cheng                                                    7000

8.      Entire team with Ronald McDonald                                                                                1000

9.      Entire team having a “banana shoot out” in a market place

10.  Entire team standing in the ball pit in Tong Cheng                                                   2000

11.   Entire team trying on the same silly outfit in any store                                          4000

12.   A team member giving a piggy back ride to a street vendor                                3000

13.   A team member wearing a worker’s uniform                                                              3000

14.   A team member with a uniformed soldier                                                                    2000

15.   Picture with as many foreigners as possible                                                                1000

(not involved in the scavenger hunt)

16.   Picture with a dog wearing clothes                                                                                  2000

17.  Entire team joining a dancing group                                                                               3000

18.   Entire team packed inside a photo booth                                                                     1000

19.   The entire team standing on the water spraying bridge on walking street

20.  Entire team performing tai ji on a stage                                                                         2000

21.   Entire team hula hooping                                                                                                      2000

22.  A team member carrying a worker’s shoulder stick                                                2000

23.  A team member carrying a computer down computer street                             1000

à (Wu Luo Lu)

24.  Entire team with a live animal                                                                                            5000

à 500 extra points for holding the animal in their hands

25.  Team picture with                                                                                                                  25,000

26.  A team member in the driver’s seat of a bus                                                               5000

27.  Entire team in front of a shop with Christmas decorations up                             1000

28.  A team member eating the “strangest” street food                                               7000

29.  A team member on a skateboard                                                                                       1000

30.  A team member in the trunk of a car                                                                              3000

31. A team member with a person wearing pyjama                                    2000


Rules of the Game:


1) Each team must have a mascot, which they are to keep with them at all times.    Each team’s mascot must appear in EVERY photo to earn full points.

2) Each team can complete the photo challenges in any order desired.

3) Each team must try to complete as many photo challenges as possible to earn as  many points as possible in the time allowed.

4) Teams may NOT take taxis during any portion of the game!  Teams are only permitted to use buses or walk.

5) Each ENTIRE team must arrive at McDonald’s at 12:30 p.m. to turn in their camera.  If not, 100 points will be deducted for every minute the team is late. 

6) Use good judgment!  Have fun, but DON’T do anything too dangerous or disruptive to members of the community.  Be safe!

7) Don’t ask anyone to do anything that makes them too uncomfortable.

8) The team with the most points at the end of the game will win a fabulous prize.

9) The judges will decide how many points each photo is worth, not the team members.

10) You must have fun, laugh a lot, and lose as much face as possible!

Photos can be seen in the photos section, same subject

Note.  Beberapa foto ga bisa diambil karena…. susah booowww… hehehe




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