(Pls contribute) Sinta’s Johari Window

A friend gave me this link and after filling in for her, I was thinking to have my own Johari Window, just to let me know what people thought about me or how really far they knew me.

So if you’d like to contribute, please feel free to click this link:


Thanks a lot ^_^


One thought on “(Pls contribute) Sinta’s Johari Window

  1. Ehem… ehem… Perhatian untuk Mbak Tita dan Mas CU (**udah mas, pake cak lagi…), pertama-tama saya ucapkan terima kasih sebesar-besarnya untuk waktu dan kesempatan yang diberikan (*pidato tujubelasan mode is on) —- APA SEH GW???!

    woi.. woi… diisi uda cukup kok, kagak usa sampe diposting di sini… daku kan mallloooo….. *blushing banget mode is on…

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