The Painted Veil

Rating: ★★★★
Category: Movies
Genre: Drama

Ok. I have to say that I am not really good in writing reviews. I have the difficulty to differ if it’s 3 stars or 4 stars or what *grin*

Anyway, I can’t say this movie is 2 stars, however 5 stars would be too much to label this movie as an ‘outstanding’ one. So can I just give 4 stars? *grin*

The lady at the DVD store has persuaded me many times to buy this DVD long long time ago ~ oops, let’s say, since 3-4 weeks ago. When I saw the cover and read the text on the back cover, I got the feeling that this movie would be a sad-ending one, so I just left it behind. But a week ago, I saw this movie’s trailer and suddenly felt interested. That’s the story why I later bought that DVD hahaha

This movie is about Kitty, a wealthy girl from London. In a party, she met Dr. Walter Fane, a bacteriologist. Dr. Fane fell in love with her and after their wedding, they moved to Shanghai as Dr. Fane was based in a government lab studying infectious disease (**pokonya yang ada kaitannya sama bakteri getodeee). One day, Dr. Fane and Kitty attended a Chinese opera and Kitty met Charles Townsend, a married British Consul. Kitty later fell in love with Charles Townsend and had affair with him.

Dr. Fane knew about the affair and wanted to divorce with one condition: Charles Townsend would divorce his wife, too, and marry Kitty. Dr. Fane were just too smart to know that Charles would never divorce Dorothy, his wife. So Kitty had no choice but to follow Dr. Fane moving to Mei Tan Fu, a small place nearby the Yangtze river, where there was cholera outbreak.

Bringing Kitty to that remote place was just Dr. Fane’s way of revenge…

Ok well, what should I say bout this movie?

This movie shows how revenge could be done in such an extravagant way, how love finally grows in the midst of bitterness as the result of a betrayal, and how (finally) only love matters…

**Tough, huh??**

Another thing that I like from this movie is when Kitty asked her husband, why on the day he found out that Kitty and Charles were in the room, Dr. Fane didn’t break in while he knew that Kitty were inside with another man. Dr. Fane gave her an elegant answer: because that’s not worth to do…

Quoted from the movie:
sometimes people only have duty, sometimes people only have love. But when duty and love are together, the grace is there…

Karawaci, July 25, 2007 – selese juga latian nulis Inggrisnya hihihihi


8 thoughts on “The Painted Veil

  1. hihihihi JIA YOU! (sebenernya maluw juga nulis ginian, mana abis posting, baca status sopi di ym: don't write in english if you only have a grasp of english hahahahahahaha~ kegampar banget hahahaha)

    yang menarik dari film ini adalah bagaimana menggambarkan suatu pembalasan tapi tanpa berdarah-darah, bagaimana kesedihan dan kepaitan diungkapkan bukan dengan cara yang cengeng~ bahkan perasaan tersiksa pun cuma diliatin lewat gambar tanpa percakapan~ cieee…


  2. Gue yakin bukan elo yg dimaksud Sin :)) :)). Mending inggris yg sederhana tapi bisa dimengerti dan jelas2 lagi latihan, apa inggris yg sok canggih, sok keren, tapi pas lo baca sambil headstand pun gak ngerti dan diminta pake bhs Indonesia aja (yg jelas2 lebih mudah untuk ybs, gak pernah mau) ? 😀 😀 :D.

  3. iyaa pas diulas di Kompas gw kaget juga, kiran itu film biasa aja dan uda lama, ternyata masih baru yah, trus gw pas liat trailer nya, kayaknya menarik.

    Gih nonton, trus ntar gantian cerita yaa ^^

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