Farewell Pipin dan Monik

Hari ini adalah hari terakhir Pipin dan Monik ngantor. Beberapa hari lalu saya mendapat pm yang isinya:

You are invited to bid adieu to Pipin & Monike at “Batik* Party”

BATIK = Bright Active Talkative Intelligent & Killer – that’s us … huahahahahaha

May 30, 2008
07.30 am
Cafetaria UPH, bld D , 1st floor
Dress code: anything with Batik around you!

We need to know if you are coming so there’re plenty of our favorite traditional ‘pasar’ munchies and souvenirs to go around

We know you love us and will miss us very much, so don’t miss a chance to hassle us (or be hassled by us) for our grand departure

Love you guys..
Pipin & Monike


Keep in touch yaaaa ^__^


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