Luna Negra, December 24, 2010

It was Christmas Eve. My friends and I decided to try this new restaurant (they just opened about 2 months ago) in Plaza Bapindo, Central Jakarta. I googled Luna Negra in the afternoon and found out that Matteo, the owner of Pizza Sopra in Pacific Place and Loca in Kemang. I tried Sopra once and liked it so I thought Luna Negra would not disappoint us.

It was pretty late in the evening and I already filled my stomach with bubur ayam after Christmas Eve Service at church. So we only ordered 2 big main course: 1 Mix Grill Meat (pork, lamb, chicken, beef) and 1 roast pork leg (!). I almost ordered nachos (I heard it’s good there) but didn’t dare after seeing the huge pork leg.

Luna Negra’s atmoshpere is kinda nice and fits for hang out. I didn’t know how spacious their place was until I walked in. Many guests dined in last nite and I saw pizza on their table. Hmm, maybe next time I should order pizza?

Their mix grill came a little plain. Just meat, 4 slices of paprika and a slice of tomato. The meat tasted okay, a little bit dry, yet I didn’t try lamb. Arief said the lamb was the best. I wish they put more side-dishes like mashed-potato or vegetables. The roast pork leg was pretty big, luckily we didn’t order too much so we can finish everything up.

I wonder how the pork rib tastes… hmmm…

This is about how much it costs:
Mix grill meat IDR 190,000,-
Roast Pork Leg IDR 180,000,-
Luna Iced Tea (*their signature ice tea*) IDR 25,000,-

I am still curious about their nachos. Will be back.

Luna Negra
Plaza Bapindo – Citibank Tower, Ground Floor.
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 54-55, Jakarta
Phone. +62-21-29950077


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