Chili’s, December 27, 2010

The original idea was eating at Merah Delima, the Indonesia-peranakan restaurant, to celebrate Christmas. That idea didn’t move some friends, instead they suggested Chili’s. So, we finally dined at Chili’s and it was fun!

Arief loves Chili’s and we’ve been to Chili’s several times but I think this is the first time I can capture many pics: we ordered quite a number of meals! *sstt… there were 10 of us to finish all the dishes*

For those who enjoy American food, I would say Chili’s is one of the most favourite places in town. I personally love the Triple Play Sampler, especially the bufallo wings *yuuumm!*

Triple Play IDR 80,900,-
Classic Nachos IDR 67,900,-
Veggie Soup IDR 12,900,-
Caesar Salad IDR 70,00,-
Cheese Fries IDR 60,900,-
Buffalo Wing IDR 59,900,-
Grilled Rib Eye IDR 219,900,-
Mushjack Combo Fajitas IDR 136,900,-
Salmon with Herbs IDR 102,900,-
Fire Dory IDR 73,900,-

*ooopss I forget to add the address:
Chili’s American Grill and Bar
Sarinah Building 2nd Floor
Jakarta 10350
Telp. 314 6587-88


5 thoughts on “Chili’s, December 27, 2010

  1. hihi, iya enaaaak! Menurut gw juga gitu, konsisten. Saking konsistennya, itu dessert yang kue coklat juga konsisten ga adaa :)) gw dulu pernah tanya karena bingung kenapa ga ada terus, katanya sih karena dessert yang itu import dari Amrik, jadi repot dan akhirnya dibikin unavailable terus aja. Padahal enaak…

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