Kitchenette, December 26, 2010

We were supposed to meet high-school friends at Urban Kulture, Plaza Indonesia that afternoon. Yet an hour before we met, I just got news that several people have already shared their cancellation due to personal reason.

So there four of us, we received late notice and were already around Plaza Indonesia. Instead of going home and cancel the meeting plan, we just met and you know what… there were always reasons to gather and chat! 😀

Yesterday was also Dino’s birthday and it’s been a while not hanging out. It was very nice of them to follow my request to dine at Kitchenette. Yup, even though Kitchenette has been so “happening” in town, but I was not so eager to try. I heard and read reviews about it but I didn’t have chance to try. Since I was still so curious, I asked friends to go there, so I can make sure myself.

I love the ambience, the place and the variety of foods. However the food didn’t satisfy my tastebud.

Signature Hot Choco IDR 35k
Frozen Lemonade IDR 30k
Old Fashion Lemonade IDR 25k
Hazelnut Cappucino IDR 33k
Egg Nog (Virgin) IDR 30k
Baked Mushrooms IDR 35k
Gusteau IDR 59k
Crispy Potato Chips IDR 45k
Spaghetti Spinach IDR 55k
Pierre IDR 65k
Warm Apple Crumble IDR 40k

Plaza Indonesia Extension 1st Floor
MH. Thamrin, Jakarta
Phone.(021) 2992 3580


7 thoughts on “Kitchenette, December 26, 2010

  1. 😀 personal preference aja kali ya Ven. Menurut lidah gw rasa masakannya ya biasa aja. Ga bikin merem melek ato nagih pengen dateng lagi. Ato mungkin gw blum nemu menu yang nendang 😀 btw… Spagetinya cenderung lembek, temen gw dengan sadisnya berkomentar: kok kayak Indomie *loh??*

  2. Iya, dan isinya dikiit 😀 ~ setelah diperhatikan, lekukan piring dalemnya itu terbagi-bagi kayak piring yang biasa dipake untuk baked escargot. Sekilas ga keliatan karena 'kuah' baked mushroom (butter) yang membanjir. Rasanya si okelah, yah jamur + butter gitu 😀

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