Java Bleu, February 15, 2011

It was Sunday afternoon, I just woke up from my nap. Arief came to my side and said, let’s go to Java Bleu for Valentine dinner…

And I spontaneously shouted: Yaaay!! *what a lovely nap-alarm! ^__^*

Due to traffic condition, we decided to go there on Tuesday evening. It was public holiday and the traffic was VERY friendly.

Java Bleu has been on my a-place-I-should-visit-list since long time ago. I heard the food there was great. Originally Arief wanted to take me to Emilie, yet after he read several reviews, it was said that Java Bleu tasted better. So, Emilie has to wait.

Java Bleu is located in Cikini and it is a nice with simple decoration restaurant. In the beginning I thought it would look like Lawry’s or Prime, yet it was pretty casual compared to those fine dining restaurants. I soon felt comfortable and enjoyed the ambience.

We ordered Snails to share and I chose pumpkin soup for appetizer. Arief was thinking about Chestnut Soup but later he changed his mind to Tourin Soup (French Onion Soup). My pumpkin soup was soooo good and I dared to claim that it was the best pumpkin soup I’ve had in Jakarta. It tasted mild, not so creamy but I reaaaallllyyy like it. Arief’s Tourin Soup was okay, we didn’t find anything special but just French Onion Soup.

The snails were delicious. Even though the size was pretty small but it was perfectly cooked. We loved it.

For main course, Arief chose Angus Steak Tenderloin and I tempted to try their famous dish: Duck Confit. Well, my choice led to satisfaction: the duck confit was reaaaaalllyyy good! It was very tender and juicy, the sauce fit and it didn’t smell like duck at all. Arief’s dish was good, too, but since his brain was not able to forget the taste of Wagyu Level 9 (which was our menu for Chinese New Year Barbeque), he failed to enjoy his meal at Java Bleu haha…

Both of us fell in love with Java Bleu’s Potato Au Gratin which was the side dishes of our main course. It tasted very good and impressed us deeply that Arief decided to make one at home last nite (well, it didn’t taste as we expected. Will do another try later).

We ordered Profitterrolles for dessert. Actually their special dessert was Baba Au Rhum, however since I’m pregnant… I’ll try that one later 🙂 Our choice of dessert was really satisfying. Inside the proffiterrolles were coffee and vanilla ice cream. Simple dessert but

(hmmm… did I say the same thing again:

Java Bleu: love it.

Pumpkin cream soup: IDR 38k
Thourin soup: IDR 45k
Snails: IDR 49k
Duck Confit: IDR 130k
Angus Steak: IDR 198k
Profitterrolles: IDR 39k

Java Bleu
Jl. Cikini Raya 15
Jakarta Pusat
Phone (021) 314 4545


12 thoughts on “Java Bleu, February 15, 2011

  1. Dulu mereka asik: porsinya besar untuk dishare dan menunya sedikit tapi lebih 'adventurous'. Sekarang cuma gini2 aja, gak beda sama restoran lain. Spaghetti? Krisis identitas?!! :((

    Emang sih gue ngerti mereka harus ngikutin pasar. Tadinya gue pikir Java Bleu beda dan punya prinsip karena pelanggan bisa ke Java Bleu 'belajar' makanan Perancis tanpa harus ke Perancis. Gue inget wkt ke sana, si Antonie (sp?) itu bilang, Bistro itu kayak warung: porsi harus besar, makanannya sederhana. Dan sekarang gue tau dia gak bohong dan gue belajar.

    Intinya, kalo semua ngikutin pasar, kapan kita belajar? Jadi kayak sinetron dong. Cerita jelek dengan alasan 'penonton suka' gak perlu bikin film bermutu :p.

    BTW, gue pernah ke sono trus ada segerombolan tante2 bersasak. Minta saos tomat buat nemenin makan, hahahaha! Bete kali, lama2 ya kasih aja lah apa yg org suka :)).

  2. jadi inget resto Bistro Baron di Plaza Indonesia. Boro-boro kayak warung itu mah :)) gaya restonya elegant banget dan porsi makanannya ga besar hihihi… di Jakarta, istilah Bistro yang di mal malah terkesan (semi) fine-dining 😀

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