Sakura, March 17, 2011

We’ve been to Sakura before. It impressed us and we promised to ourselves to be back again. The problem is, Sakura Cilandak is in the South and we don’t happen to be around there often.

Anyway, we managed to pass by yesterday and I had the idea to dine in there. So finally: Sakura again.

It’s only both of us so we were not free to order many. Arief ordered Yaki Buta Ramen. And I was left undecided with Donburi when the waitress kindly offered: you can order 2 different Donburis in half portions. Yeah, I go with that!

I thought the Donburi would come in a big bowl divided into two. It came literally in 2 bowls, and I did finish it! *smiling*

Later I asked if Sakura Sudirman also had this special assistance: just in case I want to order 2 different menus like I did in Cilandak. The waitress was not sure about this, she said Sakura Sudirman is not as flexible as Cilandak’s.

Yaki Buta Ramen – IDR 65k
Yaki Tori Don – IDR 39 (0.6 x 65k)
Buta Kyabetsu Don – IDR 39 (0.6 x 65k)
Ocha – free

Jl. RA. Kartini 9
Jakarta 12440
Phone (021) 750 2628, 7581 7913


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