Paradise Dynasty, June 12, 2011

I am starting to believe that my baby really brings good luck.

A week ago I got an invitation from Goorme to join a food-tasting event at Paradise Dynasty, a new Chinese Restaurant at Plasa Senayan, Jakarta. I was excited, not only because Chinese food has been one of my favorites, but this was the second invitation from Goorme (the first invitation came while I was 18 weeks pregnant).

***so I shouldn’t be surprised to see how good my baby’s appetite ~ he’s been well-trained since he was in my womb! *grin*

As written in their media release, Paradise Dynasty is a new casual dining concept brought to Indonesia by Boga Group (the same group which covers Sushi Tei, Sushi Kiosk, Rakuzen, Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, Ten-ten) that dishes up an affordable selection of northern and southern Chinese cuisine. It is a Singapore based brand which located at ION Orchard Level 4.

It is very interesting to see their varieties of Xiao Long Bao (小笼包)~ They present 8 (eight) unique types of xiao long bao:
1. Original (the white one) – the traditional xiao long bao flavor with fresh pork filling in a sweet soup broth. Classy, just like other xiao long bao in the market, yet I like it.
2. Ginseng (the green one) – well… actually I hardly taste the ginseng flavor. This might be the intended outcome, because if the ginseng flavor sticks out, it might taste like medicinal xiao long bao *grin*
3. Foie gras – (the brown one) – when they say it’s a touch of French luxury combined with the Chinese taste, I personally would say that it is a mismatch combination 😀 ~ I can eat it, but don’t really enjoy it.
4. Black truffle (the black one) – hmm this one is good, but I wish they had put more truffles in it.
5. Cheesy (the yellow one) – kinda have a unique flavor, it is one of those unthinkable out of the box combination that creates the right mixture of taste.
6. Crab roe (the orange one) – I think they need to process this a bit more, this xiao long bao left a fishy taste in my mouth.
7. Garlic (the gray one) It tasted good, but on a personal note, it was too garlicky for me.
8. Szechuan (the pink one) – spicy and tasty. No wonder they serve it last, because it overwhelms your taste buds. If you’re really into spicy foods, this is your xiao long bao.

Other than the xiao long bao, we also tried several menus and I would like to personally recommend their pork bun and their deep-fried diced chicken in Szechuan style *drooling* ~ Soo good!

Please spare some spaces in your tummy, as their desserts are really exquisite. We ordered several kind of desserts and all of them were soooo good. I was grateful that I didn’t fill my stomach with la mian so I had enough space to try all the desserts. I definitely love the redbean pancakes as it tastes just like the ones I used to eat in China.

In my personal opinion, Paradise Dynasty is one of those really well thought off restaurants. It shows on their interior design, cooks, waiters and services. (Not to mention their promotions *haha* Did I mention about the Rp 8.888,- Xiao Long Bao one week promotion yet? No? Well, I just did!) ~ I found myself very impressed by their efforts to give you a memorable unique cuisine experience.

Will be back ~ especially for the redbean pancake ^___^

One additional note:
For those of you who are a bit intolerant to MSG, you might want to ask them to exclude MSG from your order.

Paradise Dynasty
Plaza Senayan 5th Floor Unit CP 512-CP513
Phone. (+62) (21) 579000146
Operating hours: Mon – Sun 10AM – 10PM
twitter: @paradisedynasty


3 thoughts on “Paradise Dynasty, June 12, 2011

  1. hahaha makasiy looh… emang agak repot niy mp ya, pake login2an segala, ga kayak blog lain yang bisa langsung komen. Mo ganti format ke blog laen, gw nya males pindahin isinya.

    Gw jadi pengen kasi input ke tim Multiply Indonesia, sapa tau bisa ada feature baru.

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