Loneliness. Do you?

Kalau dulu membaca cerita orang yang kesepian, saya sering heran, kenapa bisa kesepian?  Bukannya di sekitar kita selalu banyak orang?  Bukankah ada teman?

Tapi memasuki jaman di mana justru sosmed bertebaran, ngobrol tinggal ketik, di situlah saya justru lebih sering merasa kesepian.  Lalu mengerti, oh pantes ya banyak orang bisa depresi akibat kesepian.  Perasaannya ga enak banget, sungguh menyiksa.

Sosmed yang mustinya bisa jadi penghubung antara teman, sejujurnya terkadang bikin saya merasa sedih.  Karena di balik keceriaan yang tampil dalam foto itu, saya tau, saya tidak ada di sana, saya cuma bisa melihat foto tapi tidak merasakan keceriaan itu.

Pagi ini waktu baca-baca artikel, saya membaca 1 artikel soal kesepian.  I read, read and read.  I want to put them in mind, so when I feel lonely, I know what to do and how to be strong to overcome it. I keep reading and suddenly all the good things flashed into my mind.

I am grateful for Nathan and Jenna.  For when I am lonely, they remind me that being a mother is a wonderful experience, a noble task, an honor to love, to nurture and to be their living example.  As there is no perfect child, there is no perfect parent.

When I was battling with a memory from the past, a friend told me about 3 questions which I need to ask myself every time it bothered.  The 3 questions are:

  1. Could you let go?
  2. Would you let go?
  3. When?

She told me that those 3 questions will help me to recover until one day it is no longer bothering me anymore.   And yes, I repeat those 3 questions when loneliness bothers.  Could you let go?  Yes.  Would you let go?  Of course.  When?  RIGHT NOW 🙂

I feel so much better then ^_^

If any of you are interested in reading what I read this morning, you can find it here and here on how to battle loneliness and  here.

Have a blessed week!



Jatinegara, 24 November 2015 – It is OK to be alone.  Just like the sun is alone and he is keep shining every morning  — anonymous


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